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Patent Search

The Patent search services are well equipped to ascertain the probability of a patent grant for an invention. Further, it helps in understanding the scope of protection that might be derived if a patent is granted to the invention.


What is Patent Search and what importance does it hold?

Online Patent search in India not only assists an individual in determining the scope of patent protection to be sought but also helps to identify the approach to be adopted while drafting the claims. The process of patent search involves searching vast databases for relevant prior art references based on the identified novel elements of the invention and analyzing each of these references against the novel elements. The analysis includes citing relevant portions of text from the references, and comparative analysis of how the novel elements map on to the references. This is a very integral part of the patent filing.

Benefits of Patent Search

Determining the Scope of Protection

Patent registration demands a person to invest his time and money, so it is better to know if the patent can be registered or there is an already existing patent which can prevent registration or reduce its scope of a claim.

Helps in determining whether the Patent can be granted

If there is an already existing patent with similar technical utility, then the patent would not be considered as a novel and that will prevent the patent registration. With this thorough search, one can know whether the registration can be granted or not.

Patent Specification drafting gets easy

Online patent search helps the applicant and the patent agent in drafting the claims and specifications in the patent. This is to ensure that it does not clash with the already existing patents and that the novelty factor is maintained, increasing the possibility of patent getting registered.

Improving the possibility to defend the future patent

If a prior patent searching process is done, it acts like a valid and a strong defense in case of any opposition in future. It is a proof that the inventor had a bonafide intention with enough steps taken to prevent infringement of any kind.

Documents required for conducting Patent Search online

Information about the applicant

PAN Card and Address Proof of Applicant

Certificate of registration (other than Individual applicant)

Draft of the Invention

Trademark registration certificate issued by Registry

Utility details

It allows the attorney to file the trademark renewal application on your behalf with the trademark registry

Reach of the patent

The application filed with the TM Registry for its registration is to be provided

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